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Journey of Determination and Passion – The Story of Leezy and Luxury Booking

Meet Leezy; a hardworking industry professional, a devoted mother, a disciplined fitness enthusiast and a fearless entrepreneur. Born in French Guyana and having a fruitful decade-long stint in Paris, Leezy has turned the challenges thrown at her into opportunities, leading her towards a thriving career in the lucrative and glamorous world of video production. The name to remember here is Luxury Booking, a rental business that stands as a testament to Leezy’s entrepreneurial spirit and determination.

Luxury Booking is a successful venture, but it wasn’t an overnight success. The idea came out of her work as a casting director in the modeling industry. Leezy noticed an unmet demand for location cars. Instead of waiting for someone else to fill the gap, she recognized it as an opportunity and expanded her services that went beyond rental cars, also harnessing her connections to book models. But her story is not just about seizing opportunities and filling supply gaps – it’s about a steadfast conviction in her ability to render high-quality, custom-tailored services in a competitive market.

Being a French woman of black descent, Leezy’s path towards success has been anything but straightforward. She utilized her diverse cultural experiences as an asset, drawing not only on her professional skillset but also leaning into her personal background as a wellspring of inspiration. Leezy’s pride in her heritage has provided her strength in turbulent times, ensuring she remained undeterred in her venture, using her journey as an example to demonstrate that hard work and resilience can turn dreams into reality, irrespective of one’s background.

Professional pursuits aside, Leezy sees her role as a mother as equally significant. Determined to set a positive example for her children, she strives for balance between her business endeavors and family responsibilities. Work-life harmony, she believes, is pegged on self-care and mental well-being, areas she prioritizes through daily physical workouts. It is through this balanced approach to life that Leezy navigates her roles both in business and at home with success.

The belief that reflects on Leezy’s journey is beautifully captured in her own words. “Just follow your dream. Just don’t listen to what people tell you to do. Because I feel like it stops you, you know. I mean, I used to take so much risk and paid off. I mean, sometimes you know, you fail in everything, but if you believe about your dream life is going to pay off anyways.” It’s a sentiment that runs deep in Leezy’s narrative, underlining her strategies and choices.

To sum up Leezy’s entrepreneurial endeavor, it’s a story of a powered woman who converted the challenges thrown at her into opportunities. Luxury Booking’s success stands as a testament to Leezy’s passion, determination and never-ending pursuit of excellence, proving that it is possible to fashion a thriving career that serves both personal and professional aspirations. To aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere, Leezy’s story offers motivation and proof that with perseverance, faith, and unwavering belief in oneself, it is possible to write your own destiny.


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